Released April 22, 2008. Out of print.
Softback, 434 pages.
Hardback, 436 pages.

Feralia: Revised Edition
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Released May 12, 2017
Softback, 596 pages.

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A young man wakes up into a strange world with no memories but for that of his name. It is a world where a strange orange glow shines over the land, a realm of Dragons and Half-Elves, where the land itself is shaped physically by the hearts of its inhabitants. On his search for his identity, and for the truth, he finds himself the central figure in a struggle of unthinkable consequence, one that will decide the fate of countless lives.

Ebook Editions include an index and excerpts from the second Feralia story, Feralia: Requiem of Mist!

ISBN-10: 1482762609
ISBN-13: 978-1482762600
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.4 x 9 inches

Feralia: Requiem of Mist
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Released March 15, 2019
Softback, 449 pages

Signed Copies from Alicia’s Anime
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Nook (Barnes & Noble)

Since the defeat of General Astrid, peace has returned. The monsters have lessened in number once again and the land is not as dangerous. Life has returned to normal.But on the horizon… from the farthest reaches of Feralia… a new power has begun to move, haunting the dreams of the Mages and taking innocent lives… casting a black, shadowy mist over the land wherever it spreads.In a small village on the continent of Idris, rumors spread of mysterious and deadly creatures of shadow who attack only during the cover of night. A small group have set out to seek the aid of the only individuals with the power to help them: the Mages. Far away to the south, on the continent of Mayura, in the town of Laum, the Mages sense the shadow looming from somewhere distant. A new vision occurs, shared by the Sage and passed on to another. Meanwhile, two Mages return from their quest to find the fabled Hidden Tower of the Mages. Felix Edinseed returns to Feralia to rejoin the Mages, but learns that his past is not quite what he had thought. Strange dreams disturb him as odd pieces of a dark puzzle begin to fall into place. Soon Felix finds himself tormented by an eerie yet somehow familiar figure. Though it seems to be a figment of his imagination, it somehow begins to infect his mind, threatening to affect not only him but those around him as well.Together, the friends set off to find an enemy far more powerful than anything that has existed in Feralia for nearly a thousand years…

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Feralia Book 3 [Title TBA]
Release date: TBA