Feralia: Requiem of Mist available now!

Feralia Requiem of Mist Front CoverI’m happy to announce that after many long years, Feralia Book 2: Requiem of Mist is out today! Thank you to everyone for your support over the years and for your patience in getting the story released! I hope you enjoy continuing the adventure with Felix and the rest of our heroes!

The ebook editions are available now on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, kobo and Apple Books/iTunes. (Coming soon to Google Play as well.)

Update: the paperback edition is now available. You can find it on Amazon or grab a signed copy from Alicia’s Anime!

Thanks again everyone!


Cover art by Julia Lichty of Afterimages of Ghostfire

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Read the first adventure for free!

Feralia: Requiem of Mist comes out tomorrow! Read the first adventure, Feralia: Requiem of Mist for free for a limited time on iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook and kobo!
EDIT: Now available for free on Amazon Kindle as well!
feralia re front cover january 2019 update copy tn

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Feralia.net blog. episode 55: Classic Review – Essential X-Men vol. 5

Essential X-Men vol 5
Next up is Essential X-Men volume 5. This collection is black & white and a huge 632 pages! (The biggest so far.) It collects Uncanny X-Men #180-198 & Annual &7-8.

As far as value, this is yet another Essential collection that delivers.  I was able to get it for below the cover price by shopping around. Also per usual, the black & white isn’t as fun to read, but it was a huge chunk of stories at a price I couldn’t pass up.

These stories take place in between some of the major ones, and weren’t as exciting as those. But hey, can every story be on the level of Dark Phoenix?

Would I recommend it? Yes, but it depends on your reading goals. If you’re trying to just cover the major stories and catch up, I’d pass on this volume. However, if you’re reading all of the classic Uncanny X-Men, go for it. I was going to read volumes 4 and 6 anyway, so I figured, why not read the volume in between to keep getting to know our favorite merry mutants? It was fun to read if only for that, but also included are Cyclops’ relationship with Madelyne Prior (I won’t go beyond that for fear of spoilers for those who don’t know the story) and the ridiculously awesome Colossus vs. Juggernaut barfight! The first appearance of forge is also herein, and – probably my favorite thing about the collection – some pretty good stories featuring Rachel (it was cool getting to know her), and Rogue as well. The Alpha Flight crossover was also a lot better than I expected.

There’s also a lot going on during and outside of this volume which I’d eventually like to go back and read: Secret Wars, The Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Limited Series, and Secret Wars II, also , not to mention the stories going on with the New Mutants.

Overall, these stories aren’t up to the level of those legendary stories before and after, but fun to read if you want to be complete.



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Feralia.net blog. episode 54: Untitled Goose Game is awesome

So a couple of weeks back a game I’d never heard of, Untitled Goose Game, came out. (I got it for Nintendo Switch, but it’s also available on PC & Mac.) Upon watching the trailer on the Switch Store, I instantly fell in love with the goose’s funny waddling and bad behavior.
goose 2
In the game, you play as a trouble-making goose and basically torment humans all day. It’s as fun as it sounds. My six year old daughter saw me watching the trailer and wanted to play it, so we gave it a shot. She, my wife and I have been enjoying it together. Last night alone, she laughed so hard that it was totally worth the purchase.
goose 3
The crazy concept reminds me of the silliness of games like Katamari Damacy. The goose is adorable, and being bad is so much fun. If you’re an animal lover and/or you’re looking for a game to play with the family, you’ll enjoy Untitled Goose Game.
goose 4

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My X-Men reading order (WIP) (Feralia.net blog. episode 53)

(Updated on 10/14/19, with Essential X-Men vol. 5)

The goal with this list is to share my project of quickly catching up on all of the major X-Men storylines at reasonable prices, with the main focus on enjoying the stories. The Essential collections are all reprinted in black & white. This is disappointing (and sometimes a bit hard to read), but I picked up quite a few of them where full colored collections of major story arcs were out of print, super hard to find and/or ridiculously expensive. The Essential collections can be found for far below their already low cover prices if you shop around, which is a big plus, allowing you to catch up on huge chunks of stories (normally over 500 pages each) at really great values. When available at reasonable prices, the full color collections are recommended instead, for a much more enjoyable experience.

From all of the research I did, I found that the preferred place to start among most fans is at the beginning of the Chris Claremont Era and Giant Sized X-Men #1, and I would have to agree. I have collected some of the earlier material, but I’m not planning on reading it until I’m completely caught up.

There are an overwhelming amount of different titles and issues in the X-Men timeline, often times crossing over with one another, making it difficult to know where to start. It’s quite a daunting task, but I hope this guide will make it a bit easier.  It’ll likely be a work in progress for some time, but I’ll add to and alter it as I go. (I’ll also add the cover art for each collection as I read it.)

Recommended – Essential X-Men vol 1
essential-xmen-vol-1 2 inches
Beginning of the Chris Claremont era, starting with Giant Sized X-Men #1. Features the Professor X’s formation of the “All New X-Men” to rescue the original team, and their ensuing adventures. Includes the first appearances of Colossus, Storm and Nightcrawler (while Wolverine, Banshee and a couple of others are recruited as well). Widely considered to be where the series became truly great. Review

Recommended – Essential X-Men vol 2
essential-xmen-vol-2 2 inches
Recommended mainly for the Proteus Saga and continuing adventures from Essential X-Men vol 1. The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past are also included in this amazing collection, but I highly recommend reading their full color collections. (I’d advise reading the issues leading up to them, jumping over to the full color trade paperbacks, then moving back to Essential X-Men vol 2 for the remainder of this amazing collection). Also includes the first appearance of Kitty Pryde. Review

Recommended – The Dark Phoenix Saga
dark-phoenix-saga 2 inches
Still widely available at a very reasonable cover price at the time of this writing. This story is a must. Review

Recommended – Days of Future Past
days-of-future-past 2 inches
Another must read story. Like The Dark Phoenix Saga, it’s still widely available at a reasonable cover price at the time of this writing. Review

Optional  – Essential X-Men vol 3
Essential X-Men vol 3 2 inches
Good stories, though not as amazing as those before. I grabbed this collection mainly because it sets up the next major story: The Brood Saga. It includes Avengers Annual #10, which features Rogue’s first appearance, but the black & white presentation of that issue in particular leaves a lot to be desired. Definitely worth reading, especially for some parts with Colossus’ sister, Illyana, but I wouldn’t consider this volume to be critical as far as catching up on the major stories. Review

Recommended – Essential X-Men vol 4
EssentialvX-MenvVol 4 2 inch
Like vol 2, vol 4 contains awesome stories that make picking up this collection up easily worth it, despite the black & white presentation. Included are The Brood Saga and God Loves Man Kills (both are amazing) and also the introductions of Madelyne Pryor and the Morlocks. Like the other Essential collections, it can be found for far below the $19.99 cover price. Review

Optional – New Mutants Classic vol 1
NM Classic 2 inch
A nice collection featuring the introduction of Professor X’s new students. It’s a good read, but I wouldn’t consider it critical to the overall stories if you’re just trying to catch up on major events like I am. Review

Optional – Essential X-Men vol 5
Essential X-Men vol 5 2 inch
Fun to read, but not critical. There are some other stories that go on during this time that I’d like to come back to and possibly add to this list (Secret Wars I & II and the Wolverine Kitty Pryde Limited Series). Review

Now Reading:
Essential X-Men vol 6
Essential X-Factor vol 1
The Mutant Massacre

Upcoming storylines/events that I’ve collected and plan to read next:

Fall of the Mutants

Later stories and events that I plan to read and list with recommended collections:
Cable & the New Mutants*
Seige Perilous*
Xtinction Agenda
Muir Island Saga
Bishop’s Crossing*

Xcutioner’s Song
Fatal Attractions
Phalanx Covenant
Age of Apocalypse

Road to Onslaught*
Operation Zero Tolerance
Magneto: Rogue Nation
X-Men vs. Apocalypse: The Twelve
X-Men vs. Apocalypse: Ages of Apocalypse
Legacy Virus Cure
New X-Men
Astonishing X-Men
House of M
Messiah Complex
Divided We Stand
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia
Nation X
Second Coming
Avengers vs. X-Men
X-Men Gold*
X-Men Blue*
X-Men Red*
Uncanny X-Men (2018-2019)*

House of X
Powers of X

* indicates that I’m not sure yet how critical the story is and may skip it depending on what I learn
indicates stories that I read and collected as a kid but will revisit


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Feralia.net blog. episode 52: Classic Review – New Mutants Classic vol 1

NM Classic
I picked up this trade paperback, which is 238 pages and full-color, while on my quest to catch up on all of the major X-Men stories. (ISBN 0-7851-2194-3) Collected are Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants, The New Mutants #1-7, and Uncanny X-Men #167.

This was a fun collection which starts the first X-Men spin off and features a new generation of young heroes, some of which go on to later become members of major X-teams. I’d read stories with a few characters in the 90’s, so it was cool to see their origins here.

The art and presentation look very dated by today’s standards, and aside from introducing characters, the stories are nothing of major importance overall.

It’s a nice read, and the characters are very likable. I wouldn’t say it’s critical, but would be a nice addition to any collection, especially if you haven’t already read these stories (as it was with me).



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Feralia.net blog. episode 51: Classic Review – Essential X-Men volume 4

EssentialvX-MenvVol 4
Next in my journey with my favorite mutants is Essential X-Men volume 4. This 568 page black & white paperback collects Uncanny X-Men #162-179, X-Men Annual #7 and Marvel Graphic Novel #5 (X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills) (ISBN 978-0-7851-2295-1)

As usual, and as I’ve said with every other review of the Essential collections, the black & white presentation detracts from the experience, but these collections can be found for so cheap that they’re just too good to pass up, especially when the stories are so great.

Volume 4 is no exception. The stories are awesome. I’d even venture to say they’re on par with those legendary tales collected in volume 2. First off is The Brood Saga. I was surprised at how good it was. I think it gets overshadowed a bit by some of the earlier storylines, but I feel that it’s more than worthy to stand right alongside them.

Also included (and placed between Uncanny X-Men #168 and 169) is the renowned God Loves Man Kills graphic novel. This story (which inspired the second X-Men movie, X2) was so good that I actually plan to go back and pick it up in color to reread it. Unfortunately, the black & white presentation affects this already dark story worse than any up to this point, with the text on certain black backgrounds and darker panels extremely hard to read. Despite that, however, this story is amazing. It’s much darker than pretty much any of the material before it, and addresses major issues of prejudice that existed in our country not only at the time of writing, but almost even more so now in 2019. I won’t stray into that too much, but the issues are still very major today, and the principles and lesson of God Loves Man Kills hold true in our day and age.

Other important storylines include the introduction include both the introductions of Madelyne Pryor and the Morlocks. Annual #7 is more of a silly filler story in my opinion and could be skipped if you felt like it.

In conclusion, this is another Essential collection that I’d highly recommend because of the value and major stories included.

4/5 (Would have been a 5 if not for the sometimes sub-par presentation.)


One final quick note: If you’re reading this collection and have also collected The New Mutants Classic vol. 1, Uncanny X-Men #167 is included there as well! I’d recommend jumping over to that collection to enjoy the issue in full-color.

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Feralia.net blog. episode 50: Into the light – a writing update

I thought it would be appropriate for my 50th blog entry I stick with a writing theme, so I decided to do an update on my third story. As I mentioned last week, I’m working on the next Feralia story. I’m still not ready to announce a title, but I’ve been hard at work on it and making some decent progress. My goal is still a spring 2021 release.

Without getting into any possible spoilers, I did want to share some details of the section I finally finished. Early on in the story, two of our heroes end up in a cavernous underworld, far below the surface. Although they aren’t really down there for that long, it’s a lengthy section. Because of the length combined with life in general (a busy work schedule and a kid in school included), it took me many months to complete it. I’d been in the mindset of being below ground for so long, that it was refreshing to finally see them return to the surface. It was as if part of me had lived in that dark, musty, monster infested world. To be able to get back to describing beautiful, lush fields, breezes carrying fresh air, the warmth of the sun on the characters’ skin was almost as much a relief for me as it was for them.

It was actually inspiring from a writing standpoint to reach that point of the story and not only finish a major section, but get back into a more wide open environment, having a fresh start creatively!

If you’re working on anything – a story, artwork, craft or something else – feel free to share it in the Facebook comments! I’d love to hear about them!


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Feralia.net blog. episode 49: Classic Review – Essential X-Men vol 3

Essential X-Men vol 3.jpgNext up is Essential X-Men vol 3. It collects Uncanny X-Men #145-161, X-Men Annual #5-6 and Avengers Annual #10. It’s black & white and 528 pages. (ISBN 978-007851-4366-6)

As per usual with the Essential collections, the black & white presentation of stories that were originally in color, in my opinion, takes away from the experience. However, I found this book, which has a cover price of $19.99 for under $7 with free shipping! So as usual, the value of being able to catch up on the stories makes up for having to read them in black & white. I did feel that this volume suffered in that regard more than the previous collection.

As for the stories, they’re following a legendary collection before it which includes 3 great stories (Proteus, Dark Phoenix and Days of Future Past). The stories collected here, despite the team going up against villains such as Doctor Doom, don’t quite live up to their predecessors. That’s not to say they’re bad. Just not up to the level of the stories just before them. One thing to note is the inclusion of Avengers Annual #10, which features the first appearance of Rogue. While this issue in particular suffers from the conversion to black & white, I did appreciate being able to read the origin story of one of my favorite 90’s characters for the first time.

As far as the grand scheme of things (and my goal of catching up on the major stories of the X-Men), I’d say this volume isn’t critical. Although it should be noted that it includes a very important issue for Colossus’ sister Illyana (Uncanny #160), and sets up the story for the Brood Saga, which the next Essential collection opens with. For the sake of completion, and continuing to get to know the characters, combined with the fact that this volume can be found for so cheap, it’s still a worthy pick up.



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