Thank you MAGFest!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by to see us at MAGFest! Also, big thanks to the staff for all their hard work in making it another great event. What a way to start 2020!


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The end of the year is rapidly approaching, at that means our first show of next year – MAGFest– is almost here! Stop by and see me there this Thursday through Sunday. I’ll be in the Marketplace at the Alicia’s Anime booth, like usual, where we’ll have both books and a ton of other stuff, too! There’s a massive arcade, console room and concerts, just to mention a few of the many activities at this 24 hour event!

Hope to see you there!


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xminferno lg
The next stop on my X-men reading project is Inferno. I picked up the X-Men Milestones trade paperback edition (ISBN 978-1-302-91970-2). It collects X-Terminators 1-4, Uncanny X-men #239-243, X-Factor #35-39 and New Mutants #71-73. It’s full color and 496 pages, with a cover price of $34.99 (US) – really a decent price considering the amount of material included.

If you’re trying to catch up on all of the major X-men stories like I am, I’d definitely recommend picking this one up. As usual I won’t get too into the story for fear of spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read it, but overall I enjoyed it. The artwork is as good as what you’d have come to expect at thus point and the story is pretty cool, though a bit different than those before it. Without saying too much, another dimension starts to sort of seep into our world, distorting people and things. At some points this borders on absurd, but really that’s the fun of it. I appreciated the abstract aspects. Inferno is very long, and I found myself anxious to get to the end at a point. But it’s worth the wait to get to the climax, where things come to a head between Madelyne Pryor and Cyclops because of the manipulation of villain Mr. Sinister, and some long awaited revelations finally come to light. This makes for a pretty exciting and satisfying ending.



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Thanks everyone!

As 2019 draws to a close I wanted to thank everyone for being so awesome! Whether you stopped by to talk at a con, picked up a Feralia book for the first time, continued the adventure with book 2, or downloaded an e-book version, you made it a great, very memorable year! I hope everyone has a great 2020, and in the meantime I’ll be working toward my goal of a spring 2021 release for book 3!


Posted in News blog. episode 68: The Slug Queen Chronicles, Season 1 by S.O. Thomas

A good while back I blogged about an upcoming book that I got to read a review copy of, but couldn’t say much about because nothing had been officially announced. Well now the wait for the release is finally almost over. The Slug Queen Chronicles, Season 1, the debut novel by S.O. Thomas will be released on February 1st, 2020. I really enjoyed the advance copy and can’t wait to grab a copy of the finished product!
Slug Queen Cover
I had a blast reading it and highly recommend it! Check it out or pre-order for February 1st!


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essentia lxmen vol 8.jpg

Next up on my journey to catch up on all of the major X-Men stories is Essential X-Men vol. 8 (ISBN 978-07851-2763-5). It is printed in black & white, 544 pages, and collects Uncanny X-Men 229-243 & Annual #12, and X-Factor #36-39.

One thing to note right away, is that this collection includes some of the Inferno storyline, but not all. Inferno starts at around halfway through this collection and runs to the end, including the parts from both Uncanny X-Men (#239-243) and X-Factor (#36-39).

Since I’ll be reviewing Inferno on its own, I’m not going to focus on it here, but rather in my next review, of the full color Inferno trade paperback (which includes all of the other Inferno issues not found in Essential X-Men vol 8). That’s not to say that the issues included here aren’t good. In fact they’re really great. Their inclusion makes this yet another Essential collection that’s a great value. However, if you’re going to read the Inferno trade paperback (which is a major storyline which shouldn’t be passed up if your reading all the important stuff), I’d recommend skipping it here and reading it in full color with the rest of the story.

All that aside, I picked up this volume because it bridges the gap between the Fall of the Mutants and Inferno storylines. Originally I’d skipped this volume and went on to Inferno, but I decided to go back and see what the team was up to in between. I’d have to say that there’s really nothing major here before Inferno. You get to see the team in their new home in Australia, albeit after they’d moved there (I was personally more interested in seeing exactly when they made the move, but it’s not a huge deal). Also featured is the return of The Brood (their original saga is one of my favorite X-Men storylines so far) and an early storyline featuring the country of Genosha, which is a nice set up for the X-Tinction Agenda later, and Genosha also goes on to be an important place much later on as well.

So, would I recommend this volume? If you’re only catching up on major storylines, then no. You’ll miss some stuff in between, but nothing major, or anything which would hurt while reading future stories (again, meaning the first part of the volume, the pre-Inferno stories). Also, if you’re reading it for Inferno, no, I’d skip it and read those same issues in full color with the rest of the trade paperback.

If you wan’t to grab these stories for completion and at a good price (these Essential volumes can be found for really cheap if you shop around), then yes, it’s a nice volume to have in your collection.



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Why is that that so many critics always hate on stuff that the fans love, and love what the fans don’t? I totally respect opinion, but it gets to be ridiculous. Such is the case with Star Wars at the moment (again). Look at he stark contrast in reviews from critics vs. fans from both The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker so far in the pics below:

Screenshot captured early on 12/20/19

Of course, it is very early. But if this is any indication, it looks like the scores are going to be very different once again.

My conclusion? Ignore the critics. Especially if you’re a fan of the series, or even just movies in general.

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