Author Archives: feraliabooks blog. episode 64: Frozen II is wonderful for fantasy fans! (Spoiler-free review)

Last weekend my wife and daughter and I went to see Frozen II. Having been a pretty big fan of the orginal, I really didn’t know what to expect in a sequel. In fact, since the original was so good … Continue reading

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So I picked this issue up over the summer at Dover Comic Con, but with my crazy schedule, I wanted to wait until I had some time off from conventions so I could read it at a relaxed pace and … Continue reading

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Next up in my X-Men reading order is The Fall of the Mutants, part 1. The edition I picked up is ISBN 978-0-7851-6744-0, which is in full color, and collects Uncanny X-Men #220-227, Incredible Hulk #340, and New Mutants #55-61. … Continue reading

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Next up in my X-Men reading quest is Essential X-Factor vol 2 (ISBN 0-7851-2099-8. See the above cover image for the collected issues.) It’s 544 pages, and black & white. Like volume 1, this collection has a lot of the … Continue reading

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Just a quick reading update. In between work and writing my third story, I’ve been all about the X-Men (in case it wasn’t obvious from recent posts). 😉 Right now I’m working on Essential X-Factor vol 2 and the trade … Continue reading

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Thanks Southern Maryland!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by at Southern Maryland Comic Con! Next up will be my last show of a long 2019 con schedule (and one of my personal favorites) – Ocean City Comic Con, on December 14th! … Continue reading

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Southern Maryland Comic Con!

Maryland friends! Come out and see me at Southern Maryland Comic Con tomorrow! This will be our 5th year attending and it’s a great, hometown show that we always look forward to! I’ll be at the Alicia’s Anime booth, as … Continue reading

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