Feralia: Revised Edition Cast

Feralia: Revised Edition Cast

The following is a list of the main characters of Feralia with a brief description of each.
This is a spoiler-free section, only including a bit about each character. More info on these characters (and many more people, places & things of Feralia) can be found in the book’s index.

The Humans:
Felix – Our main character, Felix wakes up in a strange house, able to remember nothing except for his name. The house feels familiar to him, and soon, other things do, as well.
Meryl – Meryl recently appeared in Aicila and soon became a close friend to Crystle. She found Cid and Dex and took them under her wing. She is a lethal fighter and can be domineering and sharp but a warm heart and a concern for those around her lie hidden far beneath her sometimes harsh manner.
Cid – Cid recently awoke with no memories, finding himself in a strange world and was soon joined by Dex and then Meryl. Upon meeting Felix, he begins to question both his surroundings and his existence.
Dex – Woke up shortly after Cid, also with no memories.

The Mages:
Theida – Theida is among the most talented and powerful Mages. She is warmhearted and loving and has a strong sense of loyalty and integrity. Though still a child at heart, Theida tries to mask her silliness with a calm, sensible demeanor.
Rana – Rana’s behavior is almost constantly mischievous, which is often a source of exasperation for her friends. But, although she struggles not to show it, Rana is very warmhearted, and more sensitive than she would admit. It is her affection and good nature that endears her to her friends, outweighing her roguish qualities.
Cedric – Sage and resident of Aicila. Powerful, wise, and warmhearted, Cedric is loved by all who know him. He seems to have a special interest in Felix.
Tsuri –  Tsuri is powerful and skilled,  kindhearted as well as quite sarcastic. Though she speaks of it little, Tsuri is often dejected because she seems to be unable to look ahead at her destiny as other Mages can. Her friends, however, are convinced that the insight she displays will one day lead her to something great.
Alaina – Mage of Laum, daughter of Nikolas. Alaina was, until recently, joyful and always smiling. However, after the recent death of her love, Terik, she has become somber and withdrawn. She is a talented fighter and has a fierce loyalty to her friends.
Lihn – Female Aspara, or Faerie, who resides in Laum. A loyal friend and guide to the Mages.

Crystle –  Daughter of Alech and Feith. Talented soldier of Aicila’s army. Crystle has a strong love for her family and her hometown.

General Astrid – Male Half-Elf. Astrid mysteriously appeared in the town of Aicila a few years ago and soon became an advisor to General Brant. Eventually, Astrid became Captain, after Brant’s recent passing. Little is known of Astrid’s past.

Astrid’s Advisors:
Dathen – Advisor to Astrid. Strong and arrogant, Dathen seeks to make a name for himself.
Daruna – Advisor to Astrid. Until recently, Daruna was the General of his homeland Deep Haven’s army. He was banished by King Khalid after being held responsible for a debacle which humiliated the King’s family.
Harlan – Advisor to Astrid. Harlan is intelligent and studies mechanical devices. He is also skilled with a bow and arrow.
Von – Male Human. Advisor to General Astrid. Though paranoid and worrisome, Von is a mechanical genius.
Yuvati – Female Half-Elf. Advisor to General Astrid. A dark Mage who is headstrong and temperamental, but unsure and conflicted underneath.

Supporting Cast:
Charis – Female Half-Elf. Gatekeeper and Mage. She was recently kidnapped. Her friends and fellow Mages are desperate to find her.

Zavier – Talented soldier of Aicila’s army. Zavier views Crystle as a rival and despises her.