Feralia.net blog. episode 4: My top 10 video games

I haven’t done one of these in a while (or here on the new blog), so here we go! The only rule I made myself stick to is one game per series. I’m not going to bother with descriptions or reviews, because they’ve been done a million times already. Instead I’ve  just made a random note for each.

#10 – Super Street Fighter II
SNES, Capcom, 1993
Usually people pick Street Fighter II Turbo over this on their SNES lists. But I loved this one because they added 4 characters!
#9 – Super Mario 64
N64, Nintendo, 1996
Really this could have also been Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World, but I had to pick one.
#8 – Mario Kart Double Dash!!
Gamecube, Nintendo, 2003
This is another one where I would have picked almost any game in the series. This one just happens to have a TON of great memories with friends. (Just barely more than Mario Kart 64.)
#7 – Crystalis
NES, SNK, 1990
I almost used a screen shot for this one since the cover art is a bit silly, but ended up sticking with the theme.
#6 – Persona 4 Golden
PSVita, Atlus, 2012
This was my first real foray into the Persona universe and I fell in love with pretty much everything about it.
Secret of Mana
#5 – SNES, SquareSoft (now Square-Enix), 1993
Beautiful graphics and my favorite game soundtrack!
#4 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
SNES, Nintendo, 1991
I love all of the Zelda games but the series won my heart with this one.
#3 – Final Fantasy III/VI
SNES, SquareSoft (now Square-Enix), 1994
ff 6 and 3
Released as FF6 in Japan and originally 3 in the US. An epic story and soundtrack are just a couple reasons I’m picking it from one of my favorite series.
#2 – Silent Hill 3
Playstation 2, Konami, 2003
While I absolutely love 1-4, I picked 3 because I love how the story ties in so well to the original. Heather is such a strong female lead character as well.
#1 – Resident Evil
Gamecube, Capcom, 2002
While overall Silent Hill is probably my favorite series, REmake takes the spot for top single game, as it turns a classic into an absolute masterpiece.

Again these games are all amazing and speak for themselves at this point. So those are mine… what are your favorites??


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