Feralia.net blog. episode 9: Summer writing update

It’s been a crazy summer! A busy convention schedule combined with work, family time and other important stuff hasn’t left a lot of free time open. Trying to squeeze in time for hobbies such as writing, reading, video games and anime hasn’t been easy. However, I have somehow managed to have the most productive summer of writing that I’ve been able to manage in years. As mentioned in an earlier post, most of my writing time in recent years has been devoted to editing along with some outlining for new stuff. But now that the first story has been re-released and the second is done and close to publication, I’ve been able to continue with new material.

The first week or so of jumping back into writing brand new material was a challenge. For me, the thought process is just so different than that of editing. Thankfully, a vacation helped clear my mind and I’ve been able to find inspiration and get back into a rhythm. It feels amazing to be going on adventures again. Editing and outlining are important of course, but for me there’s nothing like creating that first draft. It really is a healthy exercise to imagine and create. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot! Even if it’s just for you, it feels great to escape the anxieties of real life just for a bit and create something, whether it’s writing, poetry, art, music or crafts.

So as far as the material I have been working on, I can’t say what that is just yet. However I will have some exciting news along those lines later this week, so check back soon!


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