Feralia.net blog. episode 13: Into hiding!

This is a spoiler-free article.

It’s that time again… the time when spoilers run rampant. The other day while browsing the Google app the headline of a featured news article stated that some major plot points had been revealed for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Thankfully the headline didn’t give anything away, but it did state a few things that answers were given to.

Not cool.

I really didn’t even want to see that. So, taking a cue from my childhood hero, I’ve gone into hiding. From social media at least.
old Luke
Those who know me know that Star Wars is my favorite fandom and that I’m pretty much obsessed. And I’m sure we’ve all seen it on our timelines:

“OMG not [insert Walking Dead/Game of Thrones character]!! Nooo!”

I’m not taking any chances. Especially since this will be the first time my wife and I get to take our daughter to an opening night viewing of a Star Wars movie – so excited!!

I will still be doing stuff online here on Feralia.net in the meantime, as well as any other work or book related stuff. And the break has actually been great for clearing up time for creative stuff as well!

Lastly, there’s one more series that I’ll be happy to avoid spoilers for…
Stranger Things was amazing, and I’m super excited for season 2!

So I’ll still be updating here, as well as linking to the related social media sites for each post, while cautiously avoiding those dreaded spoilers!

What upcoming movies or series are you looking forward to? I’d like to hear what stuff readers are excited for in any format!


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