Feralia.net blog. episode 19: Tomorrow!

So tomorrow night I’ll be coming out of my self-imposed online exile after finally seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. (Apart from book or work related stuff and the occasional Instagram post I’ve been staying offline to avoid spoilers.) I can’t even describe all the feelings, but they could be summed up as a combination of excitement and nervousness.

Excitement because, well besides it being Star Wars, which is exciting to begin with, it will be the first time my wife and I will be taking our daughter with us to the opening showing of one of the movies. (She did see The Force Awakens in the theater but was too young to go to the late night shows.)

More excitement because of the adventure we get to continue. No doubt it will be exhilarating. I’m hoping to learn more about the Force.

Nervousness because I just want our heroes to be okay.

Also there’s our Princess. Seeing Carrie Fisher on screen again after losing her. I know I’ll be choked up for sure.

Also my wife and daughter and I will also be cosplaying for one of the screenings we attend this weekend. So excited!
Can’t wait for tomorrow night! I hope all of you enjoy the release this weekend as much as I’m planning to!


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