Feralia.net blog. episode 34: Let’s talk about cats!

With all the crazy issues in the world, sometimes we need to stop and talk about what’s really important. That’s right, everyone – I’m doing a blog about cats. Cats have taken over the internet and get a ton of love and attention, all of it well deserved, of course. I’ve literally grown up with cats since birth and have always had at least one that was super special to me at any given time. Today I’d like to give a shout out specifically to my current critters:
Age: 17
Likes Loves: food
Dislikes: feet
Age: 12
Likes: her hoomans
Dislikes: everything
Age: 1
Likes: his hoomans and fellow kittehs
Dislikes: strangers
Age: 12 weeks
Likes: exploring, wrestling with Link
Dislikes: not being petted

I’m thankful to have these 4 as a big part of my life and appreciate the joy they’ve brought my family and I.

What about your cats? Post your cat pictures in the comments plz!



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