Price drop for paperback edition of Feralia: Revised Edition!

Besides the upcoming release of Feralia: Requiem of Mist, one of the other major projects I’ve been working on is a lower price point for the paperback edition of Feralia Revised Edition. As of today, the retail price of the book has dropped from $20.00 to $15.48. One thing to note is that while Amazon has already changed the price, it’ll likely take other retailers some time to do so.

To allow for the better price, I had to make a couple minor changes to the book. The story has not changed at all. But I did reduce the font size slightly (by one, in fact which still seems to be plenty large enough). Also, the book’s index and the preview chapters of Feralia: Requiem of Mist have been removed and instead are now available as free downloads here on A note added to the end of the paperback will direct readers here. Head over to the new Downloads Page to check them out! The ebook versions will still include the index and Book 2 preview chapters, with the price unchanged ($1.99).

Lastly, as shown below, the wording on the cover has been updated to reflect and match the second book, which I hope to be announcing a date for soon!
feralia re front cover copy
Original Cover
feralia re front cover january 2019 update copy
Updated cover with “Feralia Book 1” added.

Stay tuned for another announcement soon!


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