Feralia.net blog. episode 36: Review – Wildflowers by Victoria Yost

My schedule has been crazy lately with the new book finally coming out (and learning all the marketing that goes along with it) and my busy convention season starting up, but despite that I was able to squeeze in a new book to read! I’m really glad that I did, and wanted to feature it today.
Wildflowers, the debut novel by Victoria Yost is a fiction novel in which an epidemic decimates the human population. I don’t normally read a lot of stories that take place in our world, and I think that’s partially why the story seemed very real to me. It’s something that in reality isn’t far fetched. What would you do if a disease ravaged the population, causing society around you to crumble? Wildflowers puts you in the shoes of a young woman named Mona Lancaster, who is forced to answer this question as her life is turned upside down.

I won’t get into the story too much for fear of possible spoilers, but I will say that Yost does a great job painting a sometimes very harsh picture of this not so hard to believe scenario, with vivid descriptions of the sights and smells of this new kind of world. It’s not all gloom and doom, however. In fact, despite the sometimes dark subject matter, Wildflowers has a warmth that shines through. Mona is a very likable main character, and I found myself attached to and concerned about not only her, but the cast of characters around her, too.

There are some tense and exciting moments over the journey, and even some romance. And if you’re not big into romance (like myself) you can rest assured that those moments are well done and aren’t overly mushy. 😉

In conclusion, I found Wildflowers to be a great story that I’d definitely recommend, and I’m looking forward to Victoria’s next story!

You can find Wildflowers HERE.


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