Feralia.net blog. episode 39: Old Friends

A couple years back I wrote a blog entry about my childhood love for american comics and how I lost touch with them. Over the years I’ve attempted to get back into them a couple of times, but failed to for all the same reasons I initially fell away. It’s been a long time since then, but I’ve decided to give it one last shot. And this time I’ll be doing it differently. Instead of trying to jump back in head first with monthly issues, I’ll be catching up with everything I’ve missed by reading collections instead. If I ever get caught up to the point where it would make sense to start reading monthly issues again, then I’ll consider it.

But for now, I’ve decided to catch up with my favorite heroes, the X-Men.

Xmen Gold and Blue
My favorite generation of the X-Men

Rather than just pick up where I’d left off, I decided to go further back and experience all of the major X-Men storylines, starting well before the point where I first started reading. (I had gotten somewhat of a late start where I originally jumped in, missing notable storylines such as The Dark Phoenix Saga.) I did some research, and started with the Chris Claremont era, which introduced the “New X-Men.”

I decided to start with Essential X-Men volume 1.
Essential Xmen vol 1
I’ll have a review of all 500+ pages as soon as I’m finished (which should actually be fairly soon).

I think that catching up with collections with allow me to go at my own pace and not get overwhelmed like I had in the past. This balance should help me catch up with all my old friends!

What comics are you currently reading? What are some of your favorite storylines?


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