Feralia.net blog. episode 40: Finding Time to Create ~ Setting Goals

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot going on. Most of us have work, school and/or families. Some of us have all of those combined. And then there are hobbies, responsibilities and real life challenges that can strip away all of our time for creating. There are a lot of ways to tackle this challenge, but the one I wanted to focus on is Setting Goals. Even if you don’t always reach them, I feel like it’s really helpful to at least set them, to have them in sight. Today I wanted share a few of my writing goals:

Write or at least outline a little bit every day.

I feel like this is a great way to keep everything fresh in mind, even if you’re unable to sit down and do a serious amount of writing. Writing journals can be a big help with this. Another thing I’ve found helpful are flexible outlines. Some writers don’t like outlines. For me personally, I find a structured yet adaptable outline to be critical. If you’re able to strike that balance and keep it from being too restrictive, it can be a great help.

Try to develop a regular publishing schedule.

A lot changed for me since I released my first story in 2008. It wasn’t until 2017 that I re-released it, and then March of this year that I finally got the second story out. That 9 year gap was way too long. Having only 2 years in between releases felt much better, and I’d like to stick to that schedule. Maybe some day I’ll even release them more often, but for the time being this is seems like a perfect goal for my schedule. That would put me at a goal to release my third story by Spring 2021. It seems quite doable, but I’ll have to keep at it!

Blog more often.

This isn’t so much related to writing stories, but I think it’s healthy to keep your mind working, even if it’s something on the side.

I’ll try as hard as I can to stick to these goals. Do you set goals for your creative pursuits? If so, what are they? How do you stick to them?


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