Con Catch-Up!

Just a big thank you to everyone who stopped by to see me at a convention recently! My schedule has been crazy – tomorrow I’ll be doing my 5th con in 4 weeks! Thank you to all the staff and attendees of all of the cons I’ve attended recently and haven’t taken the time to mention specifically: Fairfax Comic Con,  A Video Game Con,  Retro Con,  TooManyGames Game Swap,  UMBC Comic Con,  Baltimore Comic Con,   Hampton Comic Con, & Nekocon! …To everyone at Anime USA – sorry I missed you this year!! Our exceptionally crazy schedule with overlapping cons prevented me from being there this year, but I hope to see you at AUSA 2020!



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Writer from Maryland. Author of Feralia and Feralia Book 2: Requiem of Mist. Book 3 coming soon!
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