Feralia.net blog. episode 62: Classic Review: X-Men: The Fall of the Mutants (vol 1)

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Next up in my X-Men reading order is The Fall of the Mutants, part 1. The edition I picked up is ISBN 978-0-7851-6744-0, which is in full color, and collects Uncanny X-Men #220-227, Incredible Hulk #340, and New Mutants #55-61. [Note that the X-Factor issues of this storyline are not in this collection, but can be found in both Fall of the Mutants vol 2 and Essential X-Factor vol 2.]

As far as content, this was the first big event that I’ve read that I found myself just a bit disappointed with. I won’t spoil anything, but I felt like it didn’t live up to the major stories before it, and was pretty anti-climactic despite the sound of its title and in comparison to the previous big story, The Mutant Massacre. That being said, however, I would recommend it if you’re reading all of the major X-Men stories like I currently am, because there are some important moments, and it is one of the big events. I found this collection easy to find, and at a very reasonable price, which brings me to the next important thing to note…

A note on part 2: Unlike part 1, I was unable to find The Fall of the Mutants, part 2 at a reasonable price. Probably because it’s out of print at the moment (and maybe rare now?). The prices I found were ridiculous. Considering that Essential X-Factor vol 2 includes the X-Factor stories from the storyline, and that The Fall of the Mutants, part 1 includes what’s going on with the rest of the main X-characters, I decided to pass on The Fall of The Mutants, part 2.

So, while I didn’t enjoy this one nearly as much as previous stories, I’d still say it’s good to include it because of being one of the big storylines and a few key moments.



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