Feralia.net blog. episode 64: Frozen II is wonderful for fantasy fans! (Spoiler-free review)

Last weekend my wife and daughter and I went to see Frozen II. Having been a pretty big fan of the orginal, I really didn’t know what to expect in a sequel. In fact, since the original was so good I didn’t get my hopes up at all for the chance that the sequel would be anywhere near as good. So I was taken by surprise when I enjoyed it even more.

While the first movie had a great fairytale feel to it, I felt that Frozen II had more of a fantasy feel. There’s more time spent away from Arendelle, with the focus being on the world outside its borders. The colors, sounds and atmosphere are rich and dark, taking the viewer away to an even more epic world than was seen in the original film. The creatures are more fantastic as well, helping the story reach an even grander scale.

The early going is a bit slow, but things soon pick up, taking us not only deeper into the fantasy setting, but also establishing a much deeper mythos and background as well.

The animation and voice acting are right on par with what we’ve come to expect from these movies, and the sound was of the usual impressive quality as well.

While I felt that the collection of songs in Frozen II weren’t quite as solid or instantly classic as the original, they’re still really good. In fact, the songs Into the Unknown and All is Found are now my favorites in the series – I even enjoyed their closing credits renditions, which I’m not usually into. It was and extra special treat to hear themes running throughout the movie at different parts and songs. Hearing the voice from Elsa’s perspective and then incorporated musically was amazing. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack with my daughter (and on my own) ever since seeing the movie, and we laugh at Olaf’s When I am Older every time.

In conclusion, Frozen II was a great story and a fun experience, and I’m already looking forward to the home release so we can watch it many more times. If you’re a fantasy fan – even if not a Disney fan – you definitely need to watch it.



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