Feralia.net blog. episode 69: Classic Review: X-Men: Inferno

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The next stop on my X-men reading project is Inferno. I picked up the X-Men Milestones trade paperback edition (ISBN 978-1-302-91970-2). It collects X-Terminators 1-4, Uncanny X-men #239-243, X-Factor #35-39 and New Mutants #71-73. It’s full color and 496 pages, with a cover price of $34.99 (US) – really a decent price considering the amount of material included.

If you’re trying to catch up on all of the major X-men stories like I am, I’d definitely recommend picking this one up. As usual I won’t get too into the story for fear of spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read it, but overall I enjoyed it. The artwork is as good as what you’d have come to expect at thus point and the story is pretty cool, though a bit different than those before it. Without saying too much, another dimension starts to sort of seep into our world, distorting people and things. At some points this borders on absurd, but really that’s the fun of it. I appreciated the abstract aspects. Inferno is very long, and I found myself anxious to get to the end at a point. But it’s worth the wait to get to the climax, where things come to a head between Madelyne Pryor and Cyclops because of the manipulation of villain Mr. Sinister, and some long awaited revelations finally come to light. This makes for a pretty exciting and satisfying ending.



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