Feralia.net blog. episode 72: Classic Review: X-Men: Dissolution & Rebirth

X-Men dissolution
The next stop on my X-Men Reading Project is X-Men Epic Collection: Dissolution & Rebirth (ISBN978-1-302-91847-7). It’s 488 pages, full color, and collects Uncanny X-Men 248-267.

This collection bridges most of the gap between the major stories Inferno and X-Tinction Agenda. Initially I had skipped over these stories, and read the aforementioned storylines, but I found that a lot had happened in between and wanted some answers. For example, Jubilee and Gambit had both joined the team when I started X-Tinction Agenda. When I finished Inferno, they hadn’t been introduced yet. This collection also includes the tale of the Seige Perilous, so later references to it will make a lot more sense having read it. It also sets up things for up for the next big story (X-tinction Agenda), as well.

Personally, I didn’t enjoy the stories as much as anything in the X-Men up to this point. The writing and art are good quality, it’s just that the collection is so long, and the idea of having the team so split up and scattered just wasn’t as fun to me personally.

As far as a recommendation, I’d say this one depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re only reading the major X-Men stories, you’ll be fine skipping this one. Just be aware that a lot happens and some important characters (Jubilee and Gambit) are either introduced for the first time or have their first important parts, and also it covers a lot of in-between stuff.

If you want to keep up with the team in more detail, then definitely check this one out. This will keep you from wondering about things as you move onto X-Tinction Agenda.

So while not my favorite stories, a lot does happen here that you’ll want to consider reading depending on how in depth of an X-Men reading experience you’re looking for.



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