Feralia.net blog. episode 91: Jackie Chan Triple Play, part 1/3: I am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action


“I am standing in the sky on the roof of a glass and steel office tower in Rotterdam, Holland. There are twenty-one floors of air between me and the concrete pavement below. I am about to do what I do best. I am about to jump.”

For day one of my Jackie Chan features I wanted to feature the book I am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action, written by Jackie Chan with Jeff Yang. First off, I must say that if you decide to pick up this book on audio, do not get an abridged version. The audio version I originally got cuts out a ton of (and in my opinion some of the very best) material.


My well-loved and yellowed mass market media paperback copy from my young adulthood. This version can be picked up for pretty cheap!

I remember getting my copy from a book store in the 90’s after getting really into Jackie’s movies. And to this day, I don’t know if I’ve enjoyed a book so much. Never has a book made me laugh so much, even out loud several times. It’s really a wonderful life story which chronicles Jackie’s early life and career, and the struggles that came along with them.

My favorite parts, however, are the tales of mischief Jackie and his classmates would get into as youths. I felt like I was watching a great action comedy featuring him as a child. I was often surprised, sometimes holding my breath and wondering how on earth he would manage to escape big trouble.


The mass media paperback even includes a section in the middle of nice black & white pictures on a higher quality paper.

Highly recommended for fans of Jackie, and just readers in general who would like to experience a warm and happy tale.



Jackie My Life in Action Rear Cover

The rear cover has some great color pictures as well!

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