Feralia.net blog. episode 112: Focusing on the positives of 2020

I wanted to quickly move on to this entry since the last one was a lot of gloom and doom. Most of us would agree that 2020 sucked. But we got through it. Were there things that helped get you through? These are the things that were bright spots in a dark time for me…

Family First and foremost, with a world that felt like it was spiraling around me, I’ve been able to have more family time, which has been amazing, drawing us even closer together than ever while making it even more plain to see that this is what’s most important.

Friends This one is very important too, going right along with family. Over the past year I’ve been able to see which people are truly kind, loving and supportive not only among friends but to all those around them as well, while weeding out any who are not. There’s a lot of talk of cutting toxic elements out of your life, and I’ll agree that it’s healthy to do so! My friends are amazing and I’m lucky to have them.

Music I’ll leave this mostly to a future entry, because it’ll be a fun feature on its own, but there was some really great music that lifted my spirits released over 2020, helping me stay distracted from the awful things in the world.

Video games I think this was true for a ton of other people as well, Animal Crossing alone helped many of us have something fun to do and connect with friends while in quarantine.

Traveling and vacationing safely After we were sure we could do so safely, we were able to get out of the house a few times and safely enjoy nature and family, making some of the best memories in my life!

Movies One thing I did a lot of was watch a bunch of movies I’d been wanting to see, both new and old. This is probably a good one for another entry as well, but it was great to focus on things fun, fantastic and weird rather than reality during 2020.

Good people There were some wonderful people who spoke out for what was right and called out what wasn’t in 2020, using their audience for the positive! I won’t name names at the moment, but they were a blessing.

So, while I didn’t have a creative 2020, I did have positive aspects, which made the year memorable not only for the bad, but for the unique and happy parts.

Let me know what good there was for you in the comments here or on Facebook!


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