Feralia.net blog. episode 116: Writing update for May 2021

Just wanted to do a quick writing update! As I mentioned earlier, the past year I was pretty much in a slump creatively. Recently I have been motivated however, making progress, and it’s been great. Unfortunately I’m going to have to push back my release target for Feralia Book 3 from Spring 2021 to TBA. I’m hopeful to still set a new goal for this year once I get more completed.

As always, thanks so much for sticking with me! I feel like Book 3, while a more challenging story to write than 1 & 2, will be the best yet and I can wait to share it with you!


About feraliabooks

Writer from Maryland. Author of Feralia and Feralia Book 2: Requiem of Mist. Book 3 coming soon!
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