Cover art and Release Day Estimate!

Hey everyone!

First off, as always, thanks for your great patience! Feralia: Revised Edition will begin the final stages of formatting next week, and we’re estimating that it’s release is now just 3 to 4 weeks away! We’ll update as soon as we get an exact date.

Also, the cover art has been finalized and will feature the same cover art as the original release but feature a new background:

Cover art © Alicia Cassa, 2008-2017

The book will feature newly edited text, a map, and excerpts from the second story! (We’ll be announcing the title for the second story right around the time Feralia: Revised Edition is released!)

Again, thanks to all of you readers who have been so patient in waiting for new material. Your excitement and encouragement has been amazing! Again, we’re planning to have the second story released not long after the Revised Edition, so it won’t be long now!

– Clint

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Writer from Maryland. Author of Feralia and Feralia Book 2: Requiem of Mist. Book 3 coming soon!
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