Latest News: Map for Feralia: Revised Edition, original release now out of print

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update. The original story/book, Feralia, is now officially out of print! This may sound a little sad, but it’s really a great thing! Feralia: Revised Edition is the same story, just better!

For those of you who have read the original story, don’t worry. Nothing in the overall storyline has been changed. There have been a few lines of dialogue added and some other lines and descriptions altered slightly. Also the entire book has been newly edited and cleaned up a bit. Overall I hope it will be in improved experience, preserving the original story.

You’ll likely still be able to find copies of the original release floating around, but if you’re looking to read the story for the first time, I’d recommend waiting for the Revised Edition.

Also, as mentioned previously, there are other cool additions and features! This time around the book will include a map by James Dufendach. I’m super excited to be working with him!

Also, the Revised Edition is going to feature a lower price point. I don’t have that yet, but hope to announce it soon. This is one of the reasons I parted ways with my old publisher – I’ll now have a part in deciding the price of the book and can make sure it’s reasonable.

The story will (finally!) be available in eBook format as well!

We’re still shooting for a winter release, and things are moving along nicely! Just working with the publisher on interior formatting, and then we’ll be good to go!

More news and fun stuff to come!


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