Feralia.net blog. episode 6: “They’re coming to get you, Barbara”

“They’re coming to get you Barbara.”

Admittedly, my first major experience with zombies wasn’t until 1998, which saw the release of Resident Evil 2, for the Playstation. From then on, zombies became something of an obsession. Naturally, a big part of that quickly became the work of “The father of the zombie film” George A. Romero, who passed away last night, sadly. He was widely regarded as a pioneer of the horror genre in general and was very influential.
I think it’s safe to say that without Mr. Romero we may never have had things like Resident Evil, Walking Dead, or 28 Days Later just to name a few, at least not as we know them now. He’ll be greatly missed, and his legacy will continue.
I’ll never forget the feeling of that opening sequence, of that first zombie shuffling down the hill to an unsuspecting Barbara and Johnny.

We’ll miss you, George! Thank you for your amazing work as well as your inspiration on me personally!


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