Feralia.net blog. episode 8: Take Care of Yourself

If you’re like me, writing is a hobby, a passion… one that has to take a second seat to work. Easy work weeks for me are 54 hours. Convention weeks are many more, and those are more often than not. And I’m not alone. I’m sure many of you guys work just as much if not more. This can make writing, or creating of any kind, really hard! Sometimes it’s hard to keep a clear mind. In my case it’s been extra challenging because the majority of the time I’ve spent on writing over the past years has been editing. Lately I’ve been excited to be writing brand new material again! But jumping back into new stuff has required a different focus. With the craziness of real life sometimes it’s a real challenge to focus and stay inspired creatively.

Thankfully this weekend was a huge help. Amazingly, in fact. This was my view:
Beach View
It’s amazing what even just a long weekend will do for you! It was just me and my family. And none of the usual craziness. Most importantly it was wonderful time spent with them. But also, I immediately I felt refreshed, and inspired again.

Life and work is crazy for all of us, but it’s super important to get away from it once in a while. Mentally, emotionally and physically it’s really beneficial. And an added bonus is having your mind cleared for creative stuff. So be sure to take care of yourself and get away from every day life! It’s good for your family and for you!


Ps. Yes, the title of this blog was borrowed from one of my favorite anime titles. If you know which one, comment and let me know because you are awesome.

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