Otakon 2017!

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I normally do a pre-con post, but due to internet issues I was sadly unable to do one for Otakon this time. This was my 13th Otakon, and the move from Baltimore to Washington DC made it interesting, as expected.

Most importantly, I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to see us at Alicia’s Anime. I hope everyone who picked up a copy of Feralia: Revised Edition enjoys it. And I especially want to thank the awesome reader who had picked up the book at a previous con and tracked us down to let me know she enjoyed it! This was really special and was one of the things that made it a great weekend despite some craziness. Also, as usual, I got to see and talk with a TON of my con friends, which is always amazing!

If I have time I’d like to do a more detailed blog devoted to Otakon, but with Dover Comic Con and Southern Maryland Comic Con coming up quickly I’m not sure when I’ll be able to.

But anyway, thanks so much again to all of the attendees, staff and friends this weekend! I’ll see you there in 2018!


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