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Those of you who are regular viewers of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim have likely at least seen commercials for one of it’s newer shows: Joe Pera Talks with You. I was immediately drawn to the random and odd qualities that the commercials did a great job bringing across and decided to give it a shot.

Let me just say that it’s got to be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever watched. Joe Pera (played by himself) is a kindly man who appears to be young (thirties, maybe?) but acts like an elderly man. He’s very earnest and sincere as he talks with you about the seemingly most mundane things ever: the rocks of his hometown, the details of choosing breakfast, his annual fall drive, and more.
These talks are often interrupted by interactions with others, which are so socially awkward at times that it’s almost painful to watch (which I believe the writers were going for). This is where some of the best moments come in. The interactions between other characters who are just as odd in their own way, as well as ‘normal’ characters’ reactions to Joe’s quirky manner are entertaining and fun.

The subject matter sounds as if it would be something that almost no one would want to watch. He sounds downright boring. But there’s something about Joe, an innocent charm, a wholesome goodness, that makes him an instantly lovable character.
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Fans of random and weird humor will love this. But it should be noted that it’s a much more ‘clean’ humor than, say, the kind that Tim and Eric deliver. There’s nothing disturbing or gross here, yet it’s still very weird. I found myself unable to stop watching and will be sad to come to the end when I catch up on last night’s season finale on demand.

Definitely give it a shot. It’s refreshingly different, and at about 12 minutes per episode and only 9 episodes long, not a big time commitment.


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