Last stop on a crazy tour

This past weekend I attended Anime Mid-Atlantic, while our other crew worked at All-Star Comic Con. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by at both shows, and extra thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of the book!

This weekend we’ll be at Too Many Games, which I’m super excited about for a number of reasons. TMG is one of my favorite shows, one of the ones that I get to enjoy more than most. It’s always a great time, especially if you’re into video games and video game music. I’ll be there with Alicia’s Anime – we’ll have a huge booth with not only Feralia: Revised Edition, but a ton of game and anime related stuff. We’re just one stop there in an amazing marketplace and a fun weekend full of awesome music, guests and events.

This will also be our 13th show in 14 weeks before a much needed break! (One which will hopefully be both restful and productive!)

Come out and see me there!


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Writer from Maryland. Author of Feralia and Feralia Book 2: Requiem of Mist. Book 3 coming soon!
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