Feralia.net blog. episode 30: Featured Artist: C Jakes Draw

One of the cool things about working at so many cons is that I get to meet a lot of fellow creators who are really talented and cool. Two weekends ago at Fairfax Comic Con I was fortunate enough to meet C Jakes Draw. I was instantly drawn to his booth by a particular picture (which I’ll mention in a bit) but loved every piece he had!C Jakes Draw copy
© C Jakes Draw. www.cjakesdraw.com

Pictured above are two of my favorite pictures of his. I’m really liking his style. They’re both original characters, and the one on the right, Zoe, is the one who caught my eye. I was super excited to buy a print of her. The characters are from a project C Jakes Draw is working on entitled Project Rebirth. I’m really looking forward to it. His other art is great, too. Click the picture to visit his website. He also has great art from Marvel, DC, video games and anime that are great. Check him out!!


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