Supporting artists, writers and small business as conventions cancel

If you’re into anime, gaming or comic cons, you’ve likely heard by now about the massive amount of cancellations that are being forced to happen across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak. While most would agree that it’s in the best interests of everyone’s health, it has made it extremely difficult for the creators and vendors whose biggest source of income is conventions. We’ve been feeling it at Alicia’s Anime, as we’ve had 7 cancellations and one show rescheduled. Personally it’s also rough because cons are a great outlet for my books as well.

So what I’ve decided to do is get back into featuring artists, writers, other creators and small businesses that I’ve been lucky to meet over the nearly 16 years I’ve been doing events. I’ve been meaning to do it regularly for a while now, and this is the perfect opportunity, as many of them are struggling right now.

I’ve already featured a few: PLB Comics, Jason Powell, S.O. Thomas, & C Jakes Draw, but I have many more to add! I’d like to do at least one per day.

Lots of awesome folks to come!


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Writer from Maryland. Author of Feralia and Feralia Book 2: Requiem of Mist. Book 3 coming soon!
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