Feralia.net blog. episode 31: Featured Artist: Jason Powell/Killerkatt Artworks

One of my favorite things to blog about recently, something that I want to make a regular thing, is featuring my favorite creators, whether it be musicians, artists, fellow writers, or creators of any kind, really.

Today’s feature is an artist who has been one of my favorites for a long time, Jason Powell, also known as Killerkatt Artworks.
“Self Portrait/Stand Alone Complex” © Jason Powell/Killerkatt Artworks
Jason is from the Washington DC area and has several very cool art styles. He’s done album covers for hardcore punk rock bands, posters and fliers for a ton of shows, building murals and a ton of awesome paintings and drawings on different media, just to name a few.
“Kill Your Idols” © Jason Powell/Killerkatt Artworks
One of my favorite qualities of Jason’s work has always been a photo-realistic feel that his paintings have, capturing the energy of live performances. The styles vary, though, and include more abstract pieces, as well as some that are super fun, and others that are black and white and done with pencils and ink.
“Robots” © Jason Powell/Killerkatt Artworks
Other pieces hint at a deeper influence of both philosophy and the workings of the human mind, which I’d like to get into more with an interview soon. I’m also a fan of the use of lighting and colors. Some are bleak and dark, while others are beautiful and dreamy.
“Thrallstale” © Jason Powell/Killerkatt Artworks
The pictures show here are just a few of my favorites from Jason’s website. He also has a ton of work not yet pictured on the site, and has been hard at work on many more projects recently! I can’t wait to see more as he releases them!


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