Feralia.net blog. episode 81: Featured Artist: Miniature Inspirations


©Miniature Inspirations

One of the best things about both writing and vending as a small business is the amount of cool and talented people I get to meet at cons. Today I wanted to feature Miniature Inspirations, who makes adorable felt sculptures. I have several of them in my house and I can confirm that they are ridiculously cute.


©Miniature Inspirations

Miniature Inspirations are fellow Marylanders like myself and are regulars at a bunch of area conventions and festivals. (We’ve spent many a weekend in the same halls over the years!) They hand make a ton of cool stuff, and on top of that they are super nice people!

Check them out!

Miniature Inspirations can be found at:
Twitter: @MaggieMeiLewis – https://twitter.com/maggiemeilewis
Instagram: miniatureinspirations – https://www.instagram.com/miniatureinspirations/


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