Feralia.net blog. episode 58: Classic Review: Essential X-Factor vol 1

Essential X-Factor vol 1
Today I wanted to take a look at Essential X-Factor Volume 1. (ISBN 978-0-7851-2) This another thick one at 568 pages, and is black & white. (See the collected issues on the above cover image.)

I highly recommend this volume, especially for the early part, which features the return of Jean Grey and the formation of X-Factor. The annual is also very good, and also featured is the first appearance of the major, long time villain Apocalypse!

Also (like Essential X-Men vol 6), much of the Mutant Massacre storyline is included in this collection. I decided to jump over to the Mutant Massacre trade paperback and read that story there in full color, and then read the remainder of this great collection.

After the Mutant Massacre, the collection continues with X-Factor #12-16. I’d definitely recommend continuing with these stories as they’re important to the transformation of Angel and are really good and pretty dark.

In conclusion, this is another black & white Essential collection that can be picked up for pretty cheap if you shop around, and contains some very important moments for our beloved merry mutants! Great stories and highly recommended!



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