Feralia.net blog. episode 77: Migraines suck!

A little change of pace today as I stray from topics like writing, fantasy and comics and into health! Like many of you out there, I suffer from annoying migraines. In all honesty, mine are not nearly as bad as they are for some people I know. For some, nothing seems to work, even different treatments at the doctor. My heart really goes out to them because they have it to much worse than me. Personally, I get migraines a lot, and if I wait too long to take something for it, I’ll be sick to the point of throwing up before long (gross, right?). Luckily for me, over the counter meds, such as Excedrin Migraine will do the trick, given that I take it in time. Once in a while though, I’ll get a really rotten one and have to resort to prescription meds. Those will usually help, but at that point I’m already feeling pretty bad.

What got me thinking of this is the recent recall of Excedrin Migraine. Of course I happened to run out the day it was pulled from shelves. My local Wal-Mart had Advil Migraine, which unfortunately didn’t work for me, as I found out the hard way. Last week I did manage to find a generic equivalent at a local grocery store, which thankfully did the trick. Disclaimer: I’m no doctor, so talk to yours for this kind of stuff. But to those of you who rely on Excedrin Migraine and are coming up empty handed, perhaps the generic option will help like it did for me, at least until this recall is over.

To those of you who deal with migraines: how severe are yours? How do you deal with them?


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