Feralia.net blog. episode 78: Review: X-Men: Fatal Attractions

So I’ve been looking forward to this chapter in my X-men Reading Project for a while. This one is extra special because it’s the first crossover I collected as a kid in the 90’s. Since I already owned all of the single issues I didn’t need to pick up a trade paperback this time, making this the first time in this project that I read single issues instead of a trade. They were super cool, especially to an excited, nerdy kid. Each of the 6 main issues had a really nice, thick cover with wrap-around art and an awesome hologram! Here’s an example of a couple of them:
Fatal Att

Wolvie holo

This hologram is from Wolverine #75. Though you can’t tell by viewing here, the image will move as you tilt the book. Pretty cool!

I’m still going to recommend a collection, however, to make it easier to find them collected together, and for reading order and reference.
Milestones Fatal Attractions
So the collection this time will be the Milestones Edition (ISBN 978-1302919726) which collects Uncanny X-Men #298-300, 303-304, X-Factor #92, X-Force #25. X-Men Unlimited #2, X-Men #25, Wolverine #75 and Excalibur #71. I can’t comment on the print quality this time, having only read the single issues, but the Milestones trade paperbacks I have read have been of good quality.

That quickly brings us to the content. As usual I won’t risk spoilers, but there are some major events that happen in this story with major ramifications. Just as it was with X-Cutioner’s Song, it was very interesting to read this story again, around 25 years later, this time knowing all of the background leading up to it. There is one issue in particular which takes place at a funeral for a certain character. Having now developed an attachment to that character, it was a much more emotional read.

When I’d originally read Fatal Attractions as a kid, this was my first story with Magneto. Again, having read everything leading up to it meant so much more. This time around I’d come to appreciate him so much more, not only as a villain but as a friend and even a former teacher of the New Mutants.

This is a story where things really come to a head, where all of the tension between the X-Men and Magneto comes to a climax.

All of that, plus the nostalgia of one of that was one of the most exciting events I’d read as a kid, made this really, really enjoyable.

This is a major event in the history of the X-Men that you’ll definitely want to check out of you’re a fan.



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