Feralia.net blog. episode 79: Review: Cable: Fathers and Sons

The next step in my X-Men Reading Project is different than those before, as it’s just 3 single issues. No collections this time. The issues are Cable (first series, 1993) #6, 7 & 8.

Like Fatal Attractions, I already had these issues in my collection, so I only had to pull them from a long box to reread. Like most 90’s comics, these issues shouldn’t be hard to find at a very reasonable price from your local comic book shop, or at a convention near you.

The story is short and sweet, and if you have even mildly detailed knowledge of the X-Men, you may already know the important parts of the story that are revealed. As usual I’ll keep things spoiler free for those if you who haven’t already read it, and won’t get into any details of this short but important story. So, since it’s so short, I’ll leave it at that. I did really enjoy reading the story again and breezed through the issues really quick. (It was funny and pretty cool seeing all the ads for Super NES & Genesis games as well.)
As far as catching up on the major X-Men stories, I’d definitely recommend reading these 3 issues if you haven’t yet. If you’ve read it in the past and remember the revelations therein, you could skip it without affecting later stories.

Still, it was another fun, nostalgic one to revisit.



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