Feralia.net blog. episode 80: Review: X-Men: Phalanx Covenant (Generation X Classic vol 1)

Generation X vol 1
It’s been a while since I posted anything for my X-Men Reading Project since we’ve had a busy convention schedule (before the recent cancellations, that is), so I wanted to take a moment to post the next story: The Phalanx Covenant. The main story itself spans only a few issues, but is collected nicely with a lot of other related issues in Generation X Classic vol 1. (ISBN 978-0785149675) It includes Uncanny X-Men #316-318, X-Men #36-37, Generation X #1-4, Generation X Ashcan Edition, and material from Generation X Collector’s Preview.

This is the first big event that I’m going to list under the reading project as optional with an asterisk. While it’s a nice introduction to the Generation X characters, I felt like there wasn’t much else that was really important. I should mention that the recent major event House of X/Powers of X does make mention of the Phalanx. So, having read this story was nice when I came to that.

As for the story, I couldn’t really get big into it, as it felt like it served more as an introduction than anything else. The collection was printed very nicely, however, with lots of cool extras, and I did really like the art a lot. Most of the main X-Men are barely in the story.

So while felt like it wasn’t a critical read, especially for a big event, it does have its good points. Pick it up if you want to read the intros of the Generation X characters and enjoy some really cool art.



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