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AoA Prelude

So it’s been a while since I updated my X-Men Reading Project! This is because I’ve been adjusting to life with no cons due to the Coronavirus, focusing on work for Alicia’s Anime and writing, but also because I’ve been reading the Age of Apocalypse storyline, which is pretty long if you include everything collected.

I last reviewed the Phalanx Covenant, and next up chronologically is Age of Apocalypse Prelude, which includes the important storyline Legion Quest. I picked up the trade paperback for X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Prelude (ISBN 978-0-07851-5508-9), which collects X-Factor #108-109, Uncanny X-Men #319-321, X-Men #38-41, Cable #20, and X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Ashcan Edition.

You’ll have to forgive me for saying this, but I actually enjoyed the AoA Prelude more than AoA itself. These are some really great stories that I really, really liked. It spans a part of where I read growing up as a kid, but includes a lot that I missed as well. The quality of this tpb is really nice. The cover is high quality and glossy, with awesome artwork, but what also stood out to me was the matte finish of the pages, which made me feel as though I was holding those actual issues from the mid 90’s.

As usual, I won’t spoil anything, but it collects the events leading up to the mega event Age of Apocalypse. The art is nicely done and I thought the stories were great, especially Legion Quest. I would definitely recommend this one because it’s important to know how and why the AoA started. It also continues a long run of stories that I really liked. (See the previous entries in my X-Men Reading Order).

If you are an X-Men fan who missed this one, I think you’ll really enjoy it.



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