Feralia.net blog. episode 86: Featured Artist/Vendor: Pupcakes & Cupcats

My next featured artist is another one we’ve worked with at a bunch of conventions and another with ridiculously cute, original products: Pupcakes & Cupcats. Anyone who’s into animals or anything cute owes it to themselves to check out their stuff.
One of my family’s favorite Pupcake & Cupcats products are the Toebeans Coffee Cat Ear Reusable cups. So adorable! While writing this, I also noticed the Nyantendo Switch Case in the above collage. I hadn’t noticed that before. To quote Moana: “It calls me.” Now I really want things to go back to normal so cons can start back up and I can grab one of those in person. Thankfully I can get one from their online shop, because I may not be able to wait!

Find Pupcakes & Cupcats at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Puppercakes/
Twitter: @pupcakescupcats    https://twitter.com/pupcakescupcats
Instagram: pupcakescupcats   https://www.instagram.com/pupcakescupcats/


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