Feralia.net blog. episode 103: A great publishing resource: IndieBookLauncher.com

Today I wanted to take a break from my recent string of comic reviews and make a long overdue feature on a great writing resource I came across a couple of years back: IndieBookLauncher.com.

If you’re an independent writer like me, you get used to doing a lot on your own. It’s one of the perks of indie writing – having total control over your body of work. But with that freedom also comes a lot of technical stuff, which not everyone is cut out for. In my case this is formatting. When I published Feralia: Revised Edition in 2017, I was able to put everything together myself and it worked out. When I finally began formatting on Feralia: Requiem of Mist two years later. I wasn’t so lucky. It seemed as though I was plagued at every turn. Just as I’d seemingly have almost everything together, something would go wrong. If it wasn’t margins, it was page headings. If it wasn’t page numbers, it was some other formatting hang up. Each small accomplishment seemed to undo another. I was pretty much at my wit’s end when I remembered having run a cross IndieBookLauncher. I decided to reach out to them, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The IndieBookLauncher team was super friendly and supportive from the start, and they easily fixed the issues I was having. They have the know how and experience to make important things such as formatting a breeze.

It was then that I came to realize, that as in independent writer, you don’t have to do every little thing by yourself, and in some cases, it’s best not to. Writing (and finding time to write) can be challenging enough. When you add all of the publishing work that comes after, it can be a lot on your shoulders and overwhelming sometimes.

If you ever find yourself feeling either overwhelmed or simply wondering what step to take next in publishing, I would recommend these guys. And this has just been for their assistance in formatting alone-they also offer a ton of other important services as well as some critical (and free) resources and DIY information on their website as well. On top of all this, I was surprised at how reasonable their prices for these services were.

Anyway, that’s my long overdue shout out for these guys! I can’t recommend them highly enough and look forward to working with them again!


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