Feralia.net blog. episode 106: Double album review/recommendation – Bonnie Piesse – Bittersweet EP & Found EP

Bittersweet Found
For my first foray into music here on the blog I wanted to take a look at both EPs by Bonnie Piesse. I got to meet Bonnie at a convention a while back and she was super nice and cool. So I decided to give her music a listen, and I wasn’t disappointed. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed venturing into music outside my usual genres. I’m not really great at classifying music, but if I had to describe Bonnie’s music, I’d say that it definitely has a folk sound, but is so much more. For example, I was immediately drawn into the opening song and title track Bittersweet on the first EP. I’ve always thought of it as haunting, yet sweet – a mood which carries into the rest of the album. The music is great and well done, with some of the guitars having a sort of poignant edge which reminded me of parts of Akira Yamaoka’s guitar work on the Silent Hill soundtracks (which are also among my favorites). The EP definitely has a a strong emotion, but never enough to weigh down its free and inspiring spirit (listen to the closing track, Fly, and you’ll see exactly what I mean). All the while, the wonderful resonance of the vocals compliment the instruments perfectly.

Those vocals carry over into Bonnie’s 2019 EP, Found, perhaps even stronger this time around. The songwriting and performance is again top notch, this time moving slightly away from the sometimes haunting sound of the previous EP into a bit of a softer, even sweeter sound, yet manages to carry the same strength.

Both EPs are are short and sweet, just four songs each, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Check out Bonnie’s website HERE.

You can also find both EPs on Amazon and Spotify.


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